VisiWeb DataHub

Users of public transport regard dynamic passenger information as an aspect that adds important value to a service. Passengers should therefore be kept up-to-date on the latest developments in real time. As a data hub, VisiWeb DataHub optimally supports the flow of information between the control station, stops, and vehicles.
To prevent the passengers from having to cope with a torrent of information, however, it is important that the information provided to the end device is both targeted and effective. The VisiWeb DataHub provides the right software tools for the job and makes it easy to compile timetables and infotainment content.
Its standard interfaces make it possible to obtain data from third-party systems. Since it is linked to operation controls technology, the VisiWeb DataHub obtains all of its information in real time, gathers data on the current operating status at all times, and continuously generates forecasts for passengers continuing their journey. Passengers always have the most up-to-date information on arrival times, departure times, and delays.

The key features of the VisiWeb DataHub are:

  • The high modularity and flexibility of the VisiWeb solution allow the system to be perfectly integrated into existing system configurations.
  • The latest in resource-efficient IT technologies are harnessed to connect to the control unit under the most critical time constraints.
  • The system solution from Ruf offers various standard interfaces for peripheral systems which are compliant with agreements currently in force, such as VDV 453 and the HAFAS raw data format.
  • Thanks to its high modularity and flexibility, the system solution from Ruf can be adapted to changing operational requirements even after commissioning. In this way, Ruf is able to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the system.
  • Both the control unit and the components located outdoors or in vehicles can be easily maintained thanks to a coordinated servicing concept. Almost all VisiWeb components support remote maintenance access, significantly reducing maintenance costs.