VisiWeb functions

VisiWeb system overview

The sub-systems in the VisiWeb product range enable comprehensive passenger information systems to be implemented in rail vehicles. They support the following applications:
  • Visual destination and route information issued on line displays both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Visual destination and route information, connection information on screens inside vehicle compartments
  • All route and connection information is provided in real time (if the corresponding rail operator infrastructure is available)
  • Acoustic information of all types both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Visual and acoustic infotainment
  • Voice communication between passengers and driver, conductors and/or the control centre (for information purposes or to report emergency situations)
  • Video surveillance and recording inside and outside vehicles, as well as on platform edges
  • Counting of passengers by compartment
  • Seat reservation mechanisms (for long-distance trains)
  • Electronic rear-view mirror functions for driver's cabs
  • Remote diagnostics functions for the entire VisiWeb system, can also run continuously during journeys on request
The VisiWeb product range provides a consistent solution which responds specifically to the needs of passengers, rail operators and vehicle manufacturers.
  • Automatic operation of the system in response to the train/circulation entry made by the train driver
  • Central administration of routes/timetable data and automatic distribution of data to vehicles via LAN, WLAN or GPRS; manual distribution if required on memory stick
  • Entry of all basic data into the VisiWeb on-board computer. No need for additional loading of display data/programmed announcements as is the case on IBIS-based systems
  • The audio system can be adjusted in line with conditions in the vehicle
  • Minimum cabling overhead for the individual components thanks to Ethernet-based communication with choice of topologies
  • Integration into an existing TCMS
  • Simple installation of the individual VisiWeb components thanks to plug and play design with automatic addressing of all components
  • An online connection can be established between the control centre and vehicles via GSM, GSM-R, closed‑circuit radio and WLAN
  • Information/emergency intercom stations can be integrated into the rail operator's emergency call concept
  • Information/emergency intercom stations can be combined with video surveillance
  • Line displays (front/side/interior displays) with almost any resolution
  • Graphics-based displays inside the train for animated image display (entertainment, advertising)