VisiWeb PIS System

The VisiWeb on-board computer system is the data processing and communication centre for all requirements relating to passenger information and safety. The computer system comprises modular process, video and infotainment computers along with one or more remote control panels. The on-board computer system can also be set up with redundancy in relation to the individual functions. The following sections describe the individual sub‑systems.

The VisiWeb product range provides a consistent solution which responds specifically to the needs of passengers, rail operators and vehicle manufacturers.
  • Automatic operation of the system in response to the train/circulation entry made by the train driver
  • Central administration of routes/timetable data and automatic distribution of data to vehicles via LAN, WLAN or GPRS; manual distribution if required on memory stick
  • Entry of all basic data into the VisiWeb on-board computer. No need for additional loading of display data/programmed announcements as is the case on IBIS-based systems
  • The audio system can be adjusted in line with conditions in the vehicle
  • Minimum cabling overhead for the individual components thanks to Ethernet-based communication with choice of topologies
  • Integration into an existing TCMS
  • Simple installation of the individual VisiWeb components thanks to plug and play design with automatic addressing of all components
  • An online connection can be established between the control centre and vehicles via GSM, GSM-R, closed‑circuit radio and WLAN
  • Information/emergency intercom stations can be integrated into the rail operator's emergency call concept
  • Information/emergency intercom stations can be combined with video surveillance
  • Line displays (front/side/interior displays) with almost any resolution
  • Graphics-based displays inside the train for animated image display (entertainment, advertising)