VisiWeb TFT Monitor family

The Evo generation of VisiWeb TFT monitor modules has been developed with emphasis on an attractive design, functionality, modularity, and longevity. The design priorities included making it as light and easy to integrate as possible. These features enable customized solutions for all kinds of vehicles, even when retrofi tting. When used in conjunction with the VisiWeb software modules, they provide contemporary information concepts for passengers traveling on both urban and intercity networks.

Two designs are available for the monitors in terms of performance. Version 1: For mainly static displays. Version 2: For multimedia applications with moving images. The monitors are very light and extremely energy-effi cient. Despite their high performance, their power consumption is low, which helps keep heat build-up to a minimum. This means a longer service life than for conventional screens. These are all factors that considerably contribute to lowering operating costs for vehicle operators.

All monitors are offered with project-specific installation material for installation in the vehicle‘s interior paneling. All models of the VisiWeb TFT monitors fulfill the demanding requirements for operation in public transport.