VisiWeb video surveillance

The VisiWeb video surveillance system comprises various IP camera types and the modular video computer which is connected to the cameras via Ethernet. Additional devices such as the monitors in the driver's cab, GPRS gateways and rear-view cameras can be integrated into the system via Ethernet. In addition to the seamless recording of image data, the VisiWeb video computer also acts as an image server for live data, which is available to any IP-compatible device. Third-party equipment can also be integrated into the system.

Data storage

During normal operation, data is stored in a ring buffer. The image storage time and the image recording speed can be configured. If an alarm is triggered (e.g. an emergency call) the images of the camera affected will be recorded on a secure emergency track. This can only be deleted by authorized personnel. Attributes such as vehicle position, time and date can be saved as required with each image. These are relevant for subsequent evaluation of the image data.

Data evaluation

Data can be analyzed with a user-friendly analysis program. The various attributes saved with the images can be used to quickly locate the required image sequences for further processing. Image sequences can be saved and printed for forwarding to legal authorities in the form of individual pictures or as film sequences.